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Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc. offers consulting and production services for successful branding & marketing programs plus Millionaire Management sales training.

We can put together a branding and marketing program for your needs. We also want to introduce you to our approach to business and profit growth with our Ice Cream and Pizza analogy. Read more.

Branding & Marketing
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
offers consulting and production services to review your brand and offer suggestions for improving your image from both a visual and financial approach i.e., are you spending too much for your print media? Are you advertising in the right places? If you are just starting out we also offer services from logo development to full print and marketing implementation. Always remember that Image & Visibility = Branding = Sales = Profit. The quality of your brand and image and what you do with them affects your profit.

Logo Development
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
can create a brand new logo or adjust a new logo. Has your logo are disappeared? We can also recreate logo artwork and graphics and ensure that you have the files you need for your marketing!

Print for Business Cards & Brochures
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
offers consulting and production for print including traditional sheet fed work and e-brochures. We can show you how to lower your print costs by posting your brochure online at your website available for download while increasing professional image and visibility (which = profit).

Print Campaigns for Consumer Market & Trade Publications
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
offers consulting and production for creating print advertisements for newspaper and trade journals. The key is that your print advertisement reflects and extends your brand in your market place!

Radio & Television Promotion
With Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.'s years of experience and expertise, we can guide you through the creation of radio and television campaigns to help you successfully generate local leads.

Lead Generation & Lead Management
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
offers time-proven mentorship and techniques to grow and manage leads. We have proven techniques for generating leads and working them for both immediate, repeat and future referral sales.

Publicity & Press Releases
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
can help you start an internal publicity and press campaign that you can produce in house.

Advertising Specialties & Signage
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
offers in-depth background on purchasing and producing the appropriate advertising specialty items and signage for buildings and vehicles.

Website Development & e-marketing
Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
can develop a powerful and professional web site that is locally focused and competitive - and yet will cost less to build and maintain. Your website will continue your image and message of the organization as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization
A well designed website from Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc. includes rich content, key word usage, clean coding, strong promotion in your print media and a user-friendly format all of which contribute to gaining optimum free search engine ranking in the future.

Business Expansion
We can assist you with locating and negotiating a successful merger of a new product line or division to increase the value of your business. Love or hate Walmart, Coke a Cola or any other highly successful business; what makes them powerful are their expansive product lines and visibility in their marketplace. Just like our Ice Cream and Pizza analogy, simply adding more products attracts more customers, who buy more products which = more profit. Read more.

Grooming your Business to Sell
Some day your contracting days will come to a close. With Excalibur's expertise on your side, you will not only own a multi-faceted business that you would be proud to will to your heirs... or to sell at a substantially higher return. With Excalibur's help from beginning to end, we will work to maximize your returns, from the creation of your newly expanded business through to your retirement. We may also already know the client who would love to buy your business, especially if we help you build it.

Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.
We are ready and available to serve... and more than able to help compound your success.

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